Render Health Features

Health Records Access

No matter which hospital, clinic, laboratory or diagnostic center you visit or whether your doctor uses paper charts, electronic charts or a combination, all your health records will be available to view and share online. This includes test results, scans and all related health documents from each visit.

Health Diary Log

Stay healthy with the Render Daily Health feature. You can track and log your daily activity, any medications you’re taking with this versatile functionality. And, best of all, when you make an appointment you can attach specific Daily Logs so your doctor can review for the best consultation or diagnosis.


Whenever you have a non-emergency medical need or just need to consult with any type of doctor, you can use Render to schedule a teleconsultation service with a doctor via video or phone call. We are bringing the physician closer to home.

Schedule Appointment

You can schedule appointments via the application or view existing appointments. Skip the lines at the doctor office and manage appointments online for any visit!

View and Pay Hospital Bills.

With Render application to view detailed billing statements from medical or lab visits and make payments via Render Platform

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